Tunisia has expressed a desire to join the BRICS because of dissatisfaction with its status in the International Monetary Fund (IMF), economist Mikhail Khazin believes. Commenting on the situation to the “Political Expert”, he noted that the IMF pulls resources from small states, giving them in favor of Washington, while offering nothing in return.

Tunisia, like any small country, is not satisfied with the status that the IMF de facto offers to small countries today, that is, they should be donors to the United States. The International Monetary Fund does not help by investing in the Tunisian economy, but pulls capital out of it in favor of Washington,” Khazin said.

According to the economist, BRICS proposes to come up with a new alternative model of interaction between countries. At the same time, the IMF is part of the global dollar financial system and simply siphons money from other countries, which becomes a problem for countries such as Tunisia.

The IMF is the Bretton Woods Institution, part of the global dollar financial system. BRICS is a political and economic association of countries that are trying to come up with some alternative model,” the economist concluded.

Earlier it became known that Tunisia is considering joining the BRICS. Such a decision can be made against the background of stalled negotiations with the IMF.

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