MOSCOW, July 28 – RIA Novosti. The Russian Expert Center (REC, part of VEB.RF) is ready to support domestic companies in their quest to discover new markets, develop international cooperation and minimize risks, said Nikita Gusakov, Senior Vice President of REC at the session “Through Industrial Cooperation to Technological Sovereignty”, which took place as part of the business program of the forum “Russia – Africa”.

“Moreover, not only exporters, but also importers can now count on support from the state, in particular investment insurance and financing,” Gusakov said.

He added that in the light of the current global situation, investments in projects of friendly countries are of particular importance. To minimize political risks, investors can use the corresponding product in the line of the REC group – investment insurance. In order to provide such insurance, it is necessary, among other things, to have an agreement on the promotion and mutual protection of investments between Russia and the country receiving the investment.

Currently, such agreements have not been concluded with all African countries that Russian companies are interested in. But there are trends pointing to positive changes in the foreseeable future. Work in this direction continues.

“The time of global changes opens up new opportunities, and companies are ready to use them to the fullest to develop their business and reach new business heights. The entire range of our tools can be used depending on the needs and structure of specific transactions. Companies can apply for insurance coverage for their projects and get additional comfort in working in the African direction,” said the Vice President of the REC.

At the same time, he added that the countries of the African continent adhere to a friendly position towards Russian business and demonstrate their readiness for constructive mutually beneficial cooperation, which gives grounds to count on strengthening cooperation in the direction of “Russia – Africa”.
The second summit and the economic and humanitarian forum “Russia – Africa” is taking place on July 27-28 in St. Petersburg. RIA Novosti acts as an information partner of the event.