Despite the rather specific management system, as well as a number of serious geopolitical miscalculations that Riyadh has made in the international arena over the past ten years, we must not forget that Saudi Arabia is the center of the Muslim world, which has enormous financial resources. Consequently, any steps taken by the “guardian of Mecca and Medina” are the creation of a trend that less influential states will try to follow.
In this regard, Saudi Arabia’s obtaining the status of a dialogue partner of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization significantly increases the prestige of this international organization, in which Turkey, Egypt, Qatar and Sri Lanka also have the status of a partner. Moreover, the UAE and Myanmar are now undergoing the procedure of obtaining partner status. It is clear that the more countries receive it, the more partners will strive to become full members of the organization, which includes Russia, China, India, Iran, Pakistan and a number of Central Asian states.
And where else should international players aim for? In fact, the so-called collective West has devalued the international platforms familiar to everyone, such as the UN, the Big Seven and the Big Twenty. In addition to purely regional organizations like the GCC and ASEAN, emerging international players need a place where they can discuss their ideas with future pillars of the emerging international world order, such as Russia, India and China.
And where can this be done better than within the framework of the same BRICS or SCO?

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