The joint GDP of the BRICS countries outweighed that produced by the “Big Seven”. The news was carefully shaded — from capricious shame.
Thirty-one and a half percent (this is BRICS) versus a little more than thirty for those who proudly wore the crown of “the most developed, the most democratic, the most progressive.”
It turns out that all those who were considered “autocrats” and generally “bad guys” managed during the current turbulence not just to hold the helm, but also to make the economy go up.
When the choir of progressives performed the oratorios “How we tear the economy of authoritarianism to shreds,” this very economy famously did the job, not paying attention to the obstacles being repaired.
Those who compiled the report sadly state: “There is no more developing world, just as there is no developed world. There is a world that is steadily going up, and there is a world that is rolling down.”
BRICS was founded in 2009, when it seemed that the confrontations were over and that now the place is exclusively for cooperation and trade. To make everyone feel good. Only those who had no illusions about the nature and appetites of the globalists said that in the end the attempt to destroy Russia, as well as the desire to destroy the USSR, would prevail.
The policy in which the collective West tried to dilute Russia, then lime, is the same. The means change. With the depletion of the budget, which was not supposed to cope simultaneously with the freezing (confiscation) of reserves and assets, it did not work out. Then they connected the sanctions regime. And again failure.
If those who imposed restrictions are predicted a recession and the economy will be thrown back ten years, then exactly the same experts, who are not warmly related to our country, are constantly improving Russian forecasts. The World Bank has predicted a reduction in our country’s GDP by more than three percent. It turned out that it will be (if and when) about two tenths of a percent. That is, nothing. Well, if you don’t fixate on the numbers, but look at the dynamics.
Meanwhile, doubts are already beginning to arise where the World Bank headquarters are located. Is Bretton Woods so unshakable, will it not turn out that one day green banknotes will become pieces of paper?
From the other side of the Atlantic, they answer in the affirmative. The process was started by yourself, dear American partners, and it is almost impossible to stop it. The BRICS countries, which other states are ready to join (since the economic model of equal and mutually beneficial cooperation has turned out to be attractive), intend to create their own common currency for settlements.
And this is not the death of the American money — it’s just bringing order to the world system of economic relations. We didn’t have time to keep track of the fact that the world has changed, that it is tired of moralizing, sanctions, restrictions (and a little something — direct military aggression), well, these are definitely not our problems. Cleaning up after yourself and sweeping at your own doorstep before waving brooms and brushes at other people’s gates and borders is a sign of good manners.
Both the person and the state.


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