Russian Ambassador to Cairo Borisenko: Egypt has applied to join the BRICS

Egypt has applied to join the BRICS. This was announced by the Russian Ambassador in Cairo Georgy Borisenko on Wednesday, June 14, in an interview with TASS. According to the diplomat, one of the initiatives that the association is currently engaged in is the maximum transfer of trade to alternative currencies, whether national or the creation of some kind of joint currency, according to the website .”Egypt is very interested in this,” he said.

Borisenko added that Egypt as a whole shows a great desire to develop trade and other types of economic cooperation with Russia.

Earlier in the day, South African Ambassador to Russia Mzuvukile Maketuka told Izvestia that the country had sent an invitation to the BRICS summit to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and he accepted it.

He noted that all the BRICS presidents were invited to the summit in South Africa in August and they all accepted the invitation.

Earlier, on June 12, it became known that French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the head of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa with a request to invite him to the upcoming BRICS summit, which will be held in Johannesburg, the Zvezda TV channel reports.

BRICS is an interstate association that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. It was founded in June 2006 as part of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum with the participation of the Ministers of Economy of Brazil, Russia, India and China. It was later joined by South Africa.

In addition to Egypt, Algeria, Argentina and Iran are candidates for membership, the Federal News Agency reports.