On April 18, 2023, businesspeople met with directors of export support centers of all subjects of the Russian Federation in Volgograd as part of the All-Russian Conference of Export Support Infrastructures.
The international multidisciplinary exhibition “Made in BRICS & SCO” was presented at this conference. The speech spoke about the role of BRICS and SCO in the world economy, the prospects for the development of these organizations and the export potential of the countries that are members of them.

“The EXPO Club FZE company, registered in the UAE, is engaged in organizing and holding international exhibitions.
From December 12 to 14, 2023, the Baku Expo Center will host the exhibition Made in BRICS&SCO (Made in BRICS and SCO).

The exhibition is planned to be attended by companies from more than 20 BRICS and SCO member countries, as well as countries that have applied for membership.

Azerbaijan was not chosen by chance as a venue for this exhibition. GDP showed growth of 4.6%, and Russia is the main import partner.
Azerbaijan is also planning to join the SCO.

For a long time, BRICS and SCO were actually on paper and few people took them seriously. And I didn’t particularly want to join.
For example, BRIC was founded in 2006 and the participants were Brazil, Russia, India and China.
Only in 2011 South Africa joined them.
The leaders of the BRICS member countries, first of all Putin, through systematic, painstaking work turned it into a really working organization.

And so, last 2022, Iran and Argentina wrote an application for membership.
And 13 more countries want to join BRICS, these are countries such as:
Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Argentina, Iran, Bahrain, as well as Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
By the way, at the BRICS Summit in South Africa this summer, a decision will be made to create a BRICS currency.

At the moment, the population of the BRICS countries 3.2 billion – 42% of the world’s population. And in 2022, the BRICS GDP amounted to 31.5% and thus overtook the G7 GDP with an indicator of 30.7%

To date, the SCO member states are eight states: India, Kazakhstan, China, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Four countries have the status of an observer state in the SCO: Afghanistan, Iran, Mongolia and Belarus. Ten more countries want to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, including the UAE, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia and Nepal.
At the moment, the population of the SCO countries is 3.5 billion – 50% of the world population.
And the SCO’s GDP In 2022 was 25%

Exhibition Made in BRICS and SCO
it is multidisciplinary and includes all products manufactured in the countries of these organizations, ranging from food, equipment, agro, construction and ending with beauty and health.
Since the exhibition is multidisciplinary, it will be easier for you to find more companies from your region to participate in it.
We try to accompany the participants in the exhibition market, because we know that the main thing for you is not just participation, but the result. If you submit lists of companies with their profiles before October 1, then we will organize B2B meetings for them.
The main advantage of the exhibition “Made in BRICS & SCO” is the opportunity to find partners in more than 20 friendly countries.